Teleprompter In Chief TOTUS Speaks, Teleprompter of the United States Barack Obama In Official Photo of the Day (August 20 2012)

24 Aug

Teleprompter In Chief TOTUS Speaks - Teleprompter of the United States Barack Obama August 2012

This is an official photo of TOTUS. Teleprompter of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama.

Teleprompter in Chief, TOTUS, or Teleprompter of the United States = President Barack Obama on August 20th 2012.

I generally don’t like to layer on too much regarding Barack Obama. Since I oppose him and his policies and his party and platform, I generally try to speak positively about him more than negative. And I don’t like to layer on insults or lower myself to the level of most people who speak ill of the other party.

But this one is too good to pass up. This is an OFFICIAL photo of the President of the United States, who goes nowhere without his Teleprompter, as is well-known.

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched a speech where our Great Communicator of 2012 didn’t use a Teleprompter, but if you have you’ve noticed how rough it is for him. He stutters more than President Bush, is extremely long-winded, and has a real tough time speaking well without the timing of the Teleprompter to help him out. I think it speaks ill of him, and if I was him I would’ve made it a goal to go a whole year without using the Teleprompter, just to prove the naysayers that you can speak well without it.

This is a compilation video of Obama’s stuttering, often times when speaking without a Teleprompter.

Either way, it’s pretty bad when an official photo like this gets taken where the Teleprompter just happened to get in the way of Obama’s face. Something the media has gotten pretty used to by now (how to avoid getting the Teleprompter in the shot if possible) but its not always possible depending on your angle.

I hope, and I’m confident, that the Romney Ryan team will forego the teleprompter altogether, even though it is widely used in our modern times for public speaking and the like. But just because it is there, doesn’t mean its always wise to use it.

Because if you rely on it too much, like our President has done, it leads to situations like this when the teleprompter literally comes crashing down and shatters right in the middle of the President’s speech.

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