Audit the Fed Bill Passes The House! Romney Ryan And Republican Party Fully Endorses Audit the Fed Ron Paul Platform. Sign Petition Demanding Senators Pass It!

25 Aug

Audit the Federal Reserve Banner Art

Sign the Bill and demand your Senator pass the Audit the Fed Bill!

Audit the Fed by Congressman Ron Paul the bill has passed The House 327 to 98 Votes! The Republican Party and Romney Ryan 2012 has now fully endorsed the Ron Paul Audit the Fed platform. Senator Rand Paul (Ron Paul’s son) will now introduce the bill to the Senate to be voted on.

Please sign and share this Audit the Fed Petition to urge and demand that your Senator passes the bill! This is the closes our nation has ever gotten to demystifying The Federal Reserve and holding them to account! THIS BILL MUST PASS!

Here is an interview with Ron Paul discussing the passing of his Audit the Fed bill in the House, what it means, what the bill would do, and why it is so important that the American people speak LOUD AND CLEAR and urge their representatives in the Senate to PASS THE BILL.

Audit the Fed can only pass with the support of every American, this should be pushed just as forcefully as the SOPA/PIPA Act was, and our leaders WILL listen.

Thankfully the Republican Party has officially endorsed the Audit the Fed bill along with Romney Ryan 2012, which should ensure Barack Obama’s defeat as every Independent will move to the GOP’s corner alongside their continued support of Ron Paul.

I Want You To End Audit the Fed! Thomas Jefferson Free America Artwork

Listen to Thomas Jefferson’s advice and demand that Congress Audit the Fed!

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