Romney Ryan Obama Biden Buffest Fittest Presidential Candidates Of All Time (Election 2012). Paul Ryan Loves P90X and Insane, Romney Runs 3 Miles Everyday, Obama Plays Basketball, Biden Is Fit At 70

25 Aug

Paul Ryan Is Buff. P90x and Insane Workouts Regularly Make Him Fit As Hell With 6-8% Bodyfat

… Paul Ryan endorsing P90x and Insane, two workouts that make him buff as hell with 6-8% Bodyfat.

The Romney Ryan and Obama Biden ticket will represent the buffest, fittest Presidential candidates the United States have ever seen.

Way, way outside the mainstream, considering that over half of all Americans are overweight or obese.

Regardless, these guys are in tip-top shape. Mitt Romney runs three miles EVERY morning, Paul Ryan maintains 6-8% bodyfat and does the intense P90X and Insanity workouts on a regular basis, President Obama plays basketball regularly and Joe Biden is as fit and spring as 70-year-olds come.

Fittest Presidential Candidates Ever. Buff Romney, Obama and 70-Year Old Biden

Mitt Romney, Barack Obama and Joe Biden are all buff and as fit as can be.

I personally think this is awesome, and that our Presidents should be role models in the fitness category if possible. Nothing against those who aren’t, as most of us aren’t, but if they are; all the more power to them and I think it sends a good message to young people.

Hopefully more people will get into P90X and Insanity workouts as Paul Ryan endorses it and discusses it more. It’s becoming more and more popular as word-of-mouth spreads about it.

Here is a fun video of Barack Obama shooting hoops, showing off his insanely smooth stroke! This is such a cool video. As a Basketball fan myself and three-point shooter, I love to see our President shootin’ around!


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