Top 10 Old-School Christian Metal Bands (NoiseCreep)

25 Aug

Best Christian Metal Bands Wallpaper By ZippMotionless

Awesome wallpaper featuring the best Christian metal bands on the planet!

Who are the top 10 Oldschool Christian metal bands (Heavy Metal)?

Noisecreep has given us a list of some of the greatest Christian metal bands from yesteryear (and one modern) that are worth checking out.

Top 10 Oldschool Christian Metal Bands

1. Stryper
2. Believer
3. Trouble
4. Zao
5. Strongarm
6. Mortification
7. Extol
8. Vengeance Rising
9. As I Lay Dying
10. Tourniquet

Out of all of these, the only bands I’ve ever listened to out of this list are Tourniquet (absolutely awesome but extremely nerdy metal band), As I Lay Dying (Of course, goes without saying) and Zao. The rest? Not a single song (although I’ve heard of some of them).

Jesus Metal Music Logo

A badass Jesus Metal logo.

I actually left a comment on this list complaining about how this is an old-guy’s list, and most kids who only started listening to metal post-Korn/Slipknot or post-2000 will not have heard of most of these bands.

All of the great modern Christian metal bands that have changed the WORLD OF METAL (not just the Christian industry), from UnderOath to Demon Hunter to War of Ages to August Burns Red to Becoming the Archetype to Norma Jean to The Showdown to The Chariot to Impending Doom to As I Lay Dying are no where to be found on this list (er, with the exception of the latter).

Which is a crying shame. But instead of finding this list to be absolute crap, I instead decided that it was a pretty good list of OldSchool Christian Metal bands that a lot of modern listeners of my generation (I’m 27) have probably not heard of or checked out.

So what are you waiting for? EDUCATE THEE SELF!

Tourniquet – If Pigs Could Fly
“If this song was put out by Metallica, we would’ve heard it on the radio daily.” Couldn’t agree more, this song is absolutely awesome.

Tourniquet – Trivializing the Momentous, Complicating the Obvious
One of my favorite songs of all time will always be this one. This song is nerd-metal to the core, but infinitely compelling and ultimately awesome beyond description. Before I even truly new what metal was, I knew this song was insane.


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