Tune Into the Unity Rally 2012 Tea Party Event Live Right Now To Hear Powerhouse Republicans Speak (Election 2012 Romney Ryan)

26 Aug

USA Patriotic America Wallpaper Unity Rally 2012The Unity Rally Tea Party pre-RNC 2012 event is live right now!

Be sure to check it out and see a number of awesome speeches by powerhouse Republicans! (keep your eye on as well)

Right now they are talking about the Republican Party’s support of Ron Paul and the Audit the Fed bill, and where Romney Ryan will take the Republican Party in the future, defeat Barack Obama and the Obama Biden ticket, where the country is headed, unitying behind Romney Ryan, the 2012 Republican Platform, etc.

Coming on the heels of this is the Republican National Convention starting on Monday, where Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will officially snag the Republican Nomination for President and Vice President in 2012 to face off against Obama Biden this November.

We’ll also see the official Republican Platform agenda, which will include full Internet freedom, unchaining the Internet from ever again coming under threat from laws like SOPA/PIPA, and full endorsement of Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill!

These are interesting times folks! You can check out cspan for full coverage of the RNC, as well as the RNC Youtube page or cable networks like Fox News and CNN for full coverage of all the of the RNC events.

Leading speakers of the 2012 Republican National Convention will include:

Mitt Romney who will officially accept the nomination for Republican Presidential Candidate 2012.
Paul Ryan
Rick Santorum
Ann Romney
Chris Christie (Gov. of New Jeresy)
Mike Huckabee
John McCain
Herman Cain (Speaking at the Unity Rally)
Jeb Bush (former Gov. of Florida)
Marco Rubio (Hispanic Florida Senator)
Condoleeza Rice
Susana Martinez (Gov. of New Mexico)
Bob McDonnel (Gov. of Virginia)
Rick Scott (Gov. of Florida)
Nikki Haley (Gov. of South Carolina)
John Kasich (Gov. of Ohio)
Bobby Jindal (Gov. of Louisiana)
John Thune (South Dakota Sen.)
Tim Pawlenty (former Gov. of Minnesota)

And many more!

I’m super excited for the RNC 2012, can’t wait! :D


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