Mitt Romney Officially Elected Republican Presidential Nominee For 2012! Snags 2061 Delegate Votes (Only 1144 Were Needed) And Passes the 2000 Mark. 202 Votes Went To Others (Ron Paul Mostly, Rick Santorum)

28 Aug

Romney Wins RNC Nomination With 2061 Delegate Votes. Only 1144 Were Needed

Republicans have officially elected Mitt Romney as their Presidential Candidate!

‎2061 is Mitt Romney’s total Delegate Vote at the RNC! He passed the 2000 mark! Only 202 Votes went to “Others” (mostly Ron Paul).

Mitt Romney is officially the Republican Party Candidate of 2012 to face Barack Obama in November with overwhelming support of Republicans nationwide!

It was interesting to watch each and every state talk about why they are a great state, and then give their Delegate Votes. One state, Minnesota (where Michelle Bachmann is from) gave all of their votes to Ron Paul. But by a vast, VAST majority, every state gave all their Delegate votes to Mitt Romney.

This is a really interesting political exercise steeped in history, and echoes very much the way both the House works and the way the Electoral Collage works.


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