Toki Tori Lost Game Boy Color 2002 Classic Releases In America For 1st Time On August 30 2012 For 3DS Virtual Console

29 Aug

Toki Tori GB Banner Art From NintendoLife

Awesome Nintendo banner artwork for Toki Tori! Gotta love that lil guy!

Toki Tori is finally coming to America! The lost GBC classic Puzzle Platformer from 2002 was never released in the USA (only in Japan and Europe) in its original form.

But Americans will finally be able to check out what they missed! I still remember reading the EGM Review for the original Toki Tori and being sad that Nintendo never brought the little guy to America.

Toki Tori Game Boy Color Screenshot 3DS Virtual Console

Toki Tori GBC finally coming to America thanks to 3DS Virtual Console!

Actually, I always thought it was a Nintendo-published game but apparently I was wrong. It’s developed by “Two Tribes” who will be publishing the 3DS version.

This is a great little game that got fantastic reviews upon its release. You may have played a version of it, as a Toki Tori WiiWare remake of this first game was released for Wii’s digital WiiWare service in 2008.


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