Rand Paul RNC2012 Full Speech Video By Ron Paul’s Son and Kentucky Senator Championing Liberty

30 Aug

Rand Paul RNC 2012 Speech Photo from son of Ron Paul

… Rand Paul, Ron Paul’s son, gave a strong speech at the Republican National Convention 2012.

Senator Rand Paul’s RNC2012 speech (full video below) from Ron Paul’s son, speaking of Liberty and where the Republican Party stands for the future of our country.

Echoing his father, Rand Paul is the Senator from Kentucky and a Republican who introduced the recently passed (by the House), Audit the Fed bill and someone who will effect major change on the Republican Party and the nation in the future.

A definite rising star. He doesn’t yet have quite the name recognition of his father, Ron Paul, but either way you gotta respect Rand Paul and what he has done so far.


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