RNC2012 The Bushes 43 and 41 Touching Heartwarming Video Tribute Trailer

30 Aug

The Bushes RNC2012 George W HW Trailer Showing Them Together

A great and heartwarming trailer from RNC 2012 showing Bushes 43 and 41 together.

A tribute to The Bushes, 43 and 41 (George W and H.W.) was featured at the Republican National Convention with a very heartwarming, touching, trailer that featured father and son, and both First Ladies talking, joking and speaking with each other.

They talk about they’re support for Mitt Romney and Romney Ryan 2012, but even beyond that, they talk about their love for each other and what they hope people will remember for their legacies.

I love these two Presidents and always will. There was a poll recently where George W. Bush alongside Condi Rice were voted as the second most respected man and woman in America (right behind Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the first spot); and the reasons why people are remembering him so fondly is clearly evident in this video.

People respect him because they know he is a dignified, respectable person himself and his delivered that in the way he has dealt with the Obama Administration and the post-Presidency.


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