Jane Edmonds RNC2012 Speech Full Video. Black Democrat Woman Says Romney Had More Women Than Any Other Cabinet In the Nation And Speaks Very Highly of His Character And Judgment

01 Sep

Jane Edmonds RNC2012 Speech Photo Pic. A black Democrat Woman Who Worked With Romney At Mass.

… This liberal Democrat speaks very highly of Mitt Romney in everything he did while Governor of Massachusetts.

Jane Edmonds RNC2012 speech (full video below) is a touching and scathing rebuke of Democrat and liberal attempts to paint Mitt Romney as someone he is not.

Jane Edmonds is an African American woman, a liberal Democrat, and someone who fully supports Mitt Romney. She speaks very highly of his character and decision making in office, talks about how fair he was, how he considered all ideas, how he worked for others and not himself, and how he put more woman in Senior Positions of the government than in any other state in the nation. Powerful stuff.


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