John Boehner RNC2012 Speech Full Video From Speaker of the House

02 Sep

John Boehner RNC2012 Speech Photo From Speaker of the House

…. Speaker of the House John Boehner (pronounced “Bay-ner”) intends to increase the Republican majority in the House AND Senate in the November 2012 election.

John Boehner’s RNC 2012 Speech (full video below) rallies Conservatives to elect Mitt Romney for President in order for the government to get its business done.

Unlike the Harry Reid Democrat-controlled Senate, the Republican-controlled John Boehner House has continued to work and pass bill after bill, including four budgets (whereas the Senate hasn’t passed a single budget since Obama was elected) and Boehner continues to urge Republicans to work hard to maintain and expand their Republican majority in the House of Representatives this November by continuing to elect strong Conservatives.

Not only that, but the Speaker of the House talks about how Republicans are on offense this year and looking forward to winning more State Seats and a Republican majority in the Senate to replace Harry Reid and, along with a Republican President in Mitt Romney, start the work of returning the United States back to fiscal responsibility that was lost under the Bush and Obama Administrations.


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