RNC2012 Speech Full Videos Of Bob McDonnell, Senator Kelly Ayotte, Oklohoma Governor Mary Fallin, Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Sher Valenzuela (Delaware Lt Gov Candidate), Connie Mack Rep of Florida and Others (Janine Turner, Pam Bondi, etc.)

02 Sep

Bob McDonnell RNC2012 Speech Photo Pic of Virginia Governor Addressing Republican National Convention

Bob McDonnell is one of the most important pieces of Romney’s election strategy to win Virginia.

All of the other RNC2012 Republican National Convention speeches from the likes of Janine Turner, Bob McDonnell, Kelly Ayotte, Sher Valenzuela, Connie Mack, Mary Fallin, Pam Bondi, Cathy McMorris Rodgers and others will be posted here.

There were many, many, many speakers at the RNC2012, and I didn’t cover all of them in individual articles.

So here are the rest of them, although I still may not cover every single one.

Bob McDonnell – Governor of Virginia
Virginia is one of the most important states that Romney needs to pick up and hold, taking away from Obama’s win of the state last election. Republican Governor Bob McDonnell will go a long way in helping him do just that.

Congressman Connie Mack From Florida

Sher Valenzuela Candidate For Lt. Governor of Delaware

New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte

Actress Janine Turner

Paralympic Champion Christopher Devlin-Young and Iraq War Veteran & Former First Lieutenant Jeanine McDonnell

RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day

Pam Bondi and Sam Olens, Attorney’s General of the States of Florida and Georgia respectively


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