Scott Walker RNC2012 Speech Full Video From Wisconsin Governor Who Survived Recall Election By Powerful Unions

02 Sep

Scott Walker RNC2012 Speech Photo Pic Before Roaring Crowd

… Scott Walker has become a bonafide rockstar within the Republican Party after defeating the unions in Wisconsin and winning a recall election.

Scott Walker’s RNC2012 speech (full video below) details the power the Republican Party has when they take on the Unions, special interests, and liberal power brokers within a state.

Governor Walker has become a rockstar within the Republican Party due to the fact that he directly faced-up to the powerful Unions within his state, challenged them, they got enough votes to force a recall election to resend the Governor, and he won the recall election by a convincing margin.

Proving once and for all that the unions and power brokers within a state do not have a vulcan deathgrip on elections, the voice of the people can still carry the day. Walker urges us to vote Romney Ryan 2012 and do to the nation what he did in Wisconsin!


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