Absentee In Chief Photo of the Day – National Obama Empty Chair Day TeaParty (September 4 2012)

04 Sep

Absentee In Chief National Obama Empty Chair Day (TeaParty Photo)

…. Empty Chair Day celebrating Obama’s Absentee In Chief status as defined by Clint Eastwood’s RNC2012 Performance.

National Empty Chair Day. Taking the Obama Empty Chair concept from Clint Eastwood’s RNC2012 Speech at the Republican National Convention and running with it, Tea Party Members and Conservatives everywhere are encouraging people to share photos of empty chairs.

This is supposed to represent Obama’s “Absentee In Chief” status, and the fact that he hasn’t done enough to reach out to the other party, such as have WEEKLY jobs conferences with the intent of bringing Republicans and Democrats in Congress together to solve the economic crisis.

Instead, as you know, he is out campaigning to try and hold onto his job as President against challenger Romney Ryan 2012.

Whatever you think of the concept for Empty Chair Day though, you gotta admit it’s a pretty hilarious and awesome stunt. Clint had no idea what he was getting into, eh.

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