9/11/12 Muslim Attacks On American Embassies. Pray For Family of Chris Stevens (Our Ambassador) And Other Victims. List of What Obama Should Do Following Attacks

12 Sep

9-11-12 Chris Stevens US Ambassador Killed In Muslim Attacks

Pray that Muslims who see this atrocity will wake up from their blindness.

9/11/12. The day Christopher Stevens, our UN Ambassador to Libya, was killed in a day of violent Islamist attacks on our U.S. embassies in Cairo, Egypt and Benghazi, Libya. Alongside him 4 other Americans were also killed and two wounded.

The attacks were deliberate and planned, with the excuse being a film called “Innocence of Muslims” that is critical of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. Riots in these Muslim countries ensued. Of course that is just a pathetic excuse by a bunch of Muslim fanatics and radicals whose blood-lust cannot be controlled.

What should America do following these attacks? Should we suspend ALL aid to Muslim countries in the Middle East?

Here is an excellent list by that gets things exactly perfect on what President Obama and America should do as a consequence of these Muslim attacks on America (warning, click link at your own discretion, contains photo of Chris Steven’s dead body and the proud Muslim’s parading him around).

9-11-12 Muslims Riot to Riot. Again

…. Muslims riot just to riot. Again. And people die. Again. Will it ever cease? Not as long as Islam is around.

1) Freeze all Libyan and Egyptian assets.

2) Cancel all aid to Libya and Egypt.

3) Announce rewards for delivery to US military authorities of mullahs and militia leaders responsible for the riots and all prominent participants.

4) Launch cruise missile attacks on several principal Islamicist sites, including mosques, militia headquarters, etc. in Benghazi and Cairo. In the selection of targets, err on the side of excess.

5) Demand reparations of $10 billion from Libya, $1 billion from Egypt. (Russia received a very large and historic diamond in compensation in 1829 from Persia after the murder of its ambassador by a similar mob).

5) Announce a US Naval and Air embargo on flights and shipping from both countries to be sustained until the perpetrators have been captured and delivered and reparations have been paid. Shoot down any attempted flights, sink any ships trying to enter or leave the territorial waters of Libya or Egypt.

6) The President should make a speech informing the Islamic world that the United States will no longer regard extremist groups committing outrages against Americans or citizens of other civilized nations as distinct and separate from the governments of the same Islamic states which harbor them, fail to prevent their actions, and whose citizens provide their funding. Henceforward, any attack by Islamic extremists on Americans or citizens of allied civilized nations will be avenged promptly and with the utmost severity by similar acts of war directed at the governments, civil populations, national properties, and in particular Islamic religious sites on such a scale as which will cause Muslims everywhere to rue the day they permitted those extremists to act in their name. We are strong, Muslims are weak, and we will in future no longer refrain from avenging our people.

Bill O’Reilly’s “Talking Points Memo” on the O’Reilly Factor was also excellent. I’ll post it if I can find the video.

I should mention that part of me really wanted to post the picture of Chris Steven’s dead body being paraded around proudly by the evil Muslim’s who killed him. However, out of respect for him and his family, I decided not to post it. You can see the photo in the link to the blog above however. Click at your own discretion.

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