Bayonetta 2 WiiU Exclusive Announced With Teaser Trailer Video. Developed By Platinum Games. Published By Nintendo

13 Sep

Bayonetta 2 Screenshot (WiiU)

The first real, actual screenshot of Bayonetta 2 for WiiU.

Bayonetta 2 is a WiiU exclusive! This a huge get for the WiiU system as a whole, coming from one of the most respected developers of the modern age in Platinum Games.

This makes TWO exclusive Platinum developed games for the Wii U, the other being “The Wonderful 101” (formerly Project P-100).

Bayonetta 2 WiiU Logo

The official badass Bayonetta 2 logo for WiiU.

Both games are sure to appeal to hardcore gamers who are on-the-fence regarding the WiiU, and will definitely give the system a huge shot-in-the-arm and generate additional hype and sales that wouldn’t have existed if it weren’t for Bayonetta 2.

Here is the full Bayonetta 2 Teaser Video Trailer shown at the Nintendo Direct September 13 2012 Conference.

Absolutely nothing is known about the game yet.


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