Bible Verse of the Day (Philippians 2:3) – Do Nothing From Rivalry or Conceit But In Humility Count Others More Significant Than Yourselves – New Testament

20 Sep

Jesus Teaches Humility. The Master Becomes the Servant

Humility. What we should all aspire to.

“Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.” -Philippians 2:3 – The Bible, New Testament.

Anyone who has read the Bible knows that the value of humility is one of its strongest teachings. Humility is also one of the hardest values to practice, as it is essentially the opposite of how most people naturally react, speak, act and think.

But humility is what we should ALL aspire to. Just as Christ Himself, the Master and Creator of all things, willingly brought Himself down to the level of a humble servant. The Master became the Servant, washing the feet of those who, in the natural worldly order of things, should have been serving the Master.


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