Metal Music Video of the Day – Deceiver By Impending Doom From Baptized In Filth Album. The Words You Speak Come Straight From Hell. Your Walls Are Weak And We Can Tell. Dead Bodies Standing 10 Feet Tall Of the Devils At Your Funeral

22 Sep

Deceiver Satan Impending Doom Music Video Wallpaper

The words you speak come straight from Hell. Your walls are weak and I can tell.

Christian Death Metal masterminds Impending Doom and their new music video Deciever is a doozy. This song comes from their newest album, “Baptized In Filth”.

Here is the music video for Impending Doom’s “Deceiver”.

This song is NOT for the feint of heart, those who cannot stomach disturbing scenes and Satanic imagery need not apply.

Regardless, this song is a heavy-hitter, and pulls no punches when explaining and showing what evil looks like, smells like, tastes like.

With hard-cutting lyrics like, “The words you speak come straight form HELL. Your walls are weak and we can tell” and “Dead bodies standing ten feet tall of the devils at your funeral.”

When lead singer Brook Reeves growls “Your words come straight from Hell”, the guy means it.

This song is an absolute powerhouse, and the music video should go a long way towards establishing Impending Doom as a true titan in the Death Metal scene with their gorship music (which they’ve been at consistently since 2007’s debut “Nailed. Dead. Risen”, Baptized in Filth being their 4th full-length album), yet blasting away the darkness with the Light of Truth in Christ wherever they walk, and doing it heavier than any secular band.


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