The World Should Unite To Publish A Picture of Muhammad A Day Until Muslims Learn To Deal With It

22 Sep

Historical Artwork Mohammed Cartoon of Angel Gabriel's First Revelation From 1307 A.D.

Should an art piece of Muhammad a day be published until Muslims get used to it?

Should Western media publish a cartoon of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad every single day for years and years until Muslims can no longer use it as an excuse to riot, burn and murder?

This was proposed by Daniel Pipes who is president of the Middle East Forum. And I believe this is a very good idea. To quote from the article,

“A Muhammad cartoon published each day, or Koranic desecrations on a quasi-regular basis, would make it harder for Islamists to mobilize Muslim mobs. Westerners could then once again treat Islam as they do other religions – freely, to criticize without fear.

That would demonstrate to Islamists that Westerners will not capitulate, that they reject Islamic law, that they are ready to stand up for their values.

So, this is my plea to all Western editors and producers: Display the Muhammad cartoon daily, until the Islamists become accustomed to the fact that we turn sacred cows into hamburger.”

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Posted by on September 22, 2012 in God, News, Politics, Polls


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