WiiU Sold Out of Pre-Orders At GameStop. Want the System? Buy It NOW

23 Sep

WiiU Sold Out At GameStop. Buy Yours Now!

You better buy your Wii U now if you want one in time for Christmas!

WiiU is SOLD OUT at GameStop! Pre-Orders are no longer attainable at the nation’s largest videogame retailer, even though the WiiU release date isn’t until November 18 2012!

Because of the “off the charts” demand for the WiiU at GameStop stores, GameStop will offer a Power Up Rewards member exclusive “WiiU Wait List” you can apply for (only if you are a PowerUp Reward Member).

This wait list will alert you when a WiiU system becomes available for pre-order, at which point you have 2 days to respond and put down your money to secure a WiiU system. Enrollment for the WiiU Wait List is free, although simply being on the Wait List will not guarentee you a WiiU until you actually put money down for it (natch).

If you want a WiiU on launch day, you better act fast. It looks like Nintendo may have another hotcakes console on its hands that sells way more than expected. Remember the craziness of the 2006 Wii launch? HUGE LINES and immediate store sellouts lasted for almost or over a year. Better pre-order the WiiU now, and slowly pay off the whole cost of the system way ahead of others to secure yourself a system on launch day.

While GameStop has sold out of WiiU Pre-Orders, you can surely still pre-order the system at other retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, etc., so keep trying. Although if GameStop has sold out of the WiiU, it is only a matter of time before other retailers follow-suit, as people navigate to them instead of GameStop in order to get their hands on the system.

It’s worth noting that GameStop has sold out of BOTH Deluxe WiiU AND Basic WiiU systems, although the Deluxe systems sold quickest. So if you want a Deluxe WiiU, better jump on that!

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