Poll Question of the Day – Should Spanking Be Re-Introduced Into Public Schools As Punishment?

24 Sep

Sexy Spanking of Schoolgirl

A sexy schoolgirl being spanked. Not a serious photo for a serious issue.

Should spanking kids be reintroduced back in to public schools as a form of punishment?

I think the lack of discipline is the major reason that public schools are so messed up in this day and age. Along, of course, with taking God out of public schools; thus not teaching kids the Ten Commandments, right from wrong, or to pray for others and treat others like they want to be treated.

So the Question of the Day for September 24, 2012 is, should schools bring spanking back?

My answer is yes. This is how schools were always run when my dad grew up, and back in those days kids were scared of breaking the rules and being physically punished. These days, the kids KNOW that there is NOTHING the school can do to hurt them. And kids that break the rules or bully other kids are overjoyed if they get suspended, it means they no longer have to go back to school! They see it as a vacation! If our parents survived just fine, why is it a no-no today? Doesn’t make any sense….

Spanking Kids, Abuse or Not? From The Rickie Lake Talkshow Part 1

I never knew that several U.S. states STILL ALLOW SPANKING in public schools. 31 states have abolished it, while 19 of them still spank kids. The Supreme Court ruled that spanking in schools is LEGAL, as long as the local laws allow it. Which is very interesting. Read this Fox News Story for more on a new case where a preteen girl was spanked by a male principle, which has caused an uproar. However they can only spank with parental permission, although the mother didn’t think the spanking would leave marks, or that it would be done by a male…


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