Spaceports Being Built In America To Fly Citizens To Space by 2013-2015. At A High Cost. Would You Pay To Fly To Space?

24 Sep

The Spaceport. Flying paying citizens to space as a new form of entertainment.

Sound like science fiction? It will actually become a reality VERY soon, we’re talking next year, with several by 2015. Several real-life “spaceports” are being built as we speak, some of them are standalone, others are being built into airports or other established places.

These Spaceports are already in construction in states like Texas, New Mexico and Florida with names like “Spaceport America“.

Here is a video showing the construction of Spaceport America, and discussing the citizen space industry.

Some companies are rushing in to provide spaceports where rockets can be launched or Spacecraft can land from space, while other companies are abondoning this new idea. Some are saying that there is not an industry big enough to support flying citizens or non-NASA made objects into space, while others believe the citizen space industry will take off once these Spaceports are built…. One company claims that over 200,000 wealthy individuals have already signed up to be flown to space at $200,000 dollars per person!

Insanity. I would give anything to fly to space… even though there is always the chance that you might never come back. Of course, there’s always that chance whenever you sit in a car as well!

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