President Obama Full United Nations UN Speech September 2012

28 Sep

Obama UN United Nations September 2012 Speech

President Obama spoke about freedom to the United Nations with a tribute to Chris Stevens.

President Barack Obama’s full UN speech for September 2012 to the United Nations General Assembly is viewable below.

Obama spoke about freedom, and opened his speech with a great tribute to our slain Ambassador Christopher Stevens who was killed recently in a horrible act of terrorism that is still not completely understood.

I thought the speech was great overall, and ends strong, although I think Obama sounds weak, and like he is attempting to convince those who cannot be convinced (as the President’s “Olive Branch” to Iran has proven).

Here are my exact thoughts (not via hindsight) that I posted to my facebook exactly as I was watching the speech.

Comment #1
President Obama in his UN speech, talking about how he defends the rights of Americans to blaspheme his Christian faith, and will always defend that right.

So says the President who tried (unsuccessfully) to ban Fox News from the White House Press Corp. And kept it up for months and months and months, trying to form a narrative that was ultimately rejected. It took CNN, PBS and other news organizations telling the White House to back off before they finally did. As if the White House can pick and choose what defines a “news” organization worthy enough of the privilege to cover them.

As always, Obama has nice words and his speech so far is great (if completely devoid of emotion. They say Romney is robotic, but Obama shows signs of neither outrage nor distraught at the death of Christopher Stevens despite his nice tribute. A little emotion would be nice) but they often clash with his actions.

Comment #2
President Obama: “There is no speech that justifies mindless violence. There are no words that excuse the killing of innocents. There is no video that justifies an attack on an embassy. There is no slander that provides an excuse to burn a restaurant, destroy a school or cause death.”

Amen to that. Now if only Obama would’ve stated this first, THEN apologized for the video that 99.99999% of America had nothing to do with, all would be right in the world.

Comment #3
Very powerful middle section of the speech with President Obama really layering on the ways in which violence and radical extremists hurt their own “cause” (of course, they believe the 12th imam arrives once the world reaches Armageddon and that they can hasten that day with violence… so not like you can make a credible argument against that that they’ll buy into) and, more importantly, hurt everyone involved.

“Destroying the window of a restaurant doesn’t put food in a person’s stomach or create a single job.” I also applaud President Obama for citing the hatred of Israel as among the mindless’ excuses that Muslims radicals use, and how Muslims need to come together as a whole and fight against it. THAT is the forum in which these kinds of words need to be said.

Comment #4
Great speech overall by the President. Give it a look if you missed it, he finishes strong.


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