Red Line Against Iran Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Full United Nations UN Speech September 2012

28 Sep

Iran Red Line Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu UN United States Full Speech September 2012

The red line against Iran has been drawn by Israeli Prime Minister at the UN.

Drawing a solid red line against Iran was Israel’s Prime Minister (Basically their President), Benjamin Netanyahu who addressed the United Nations General Assembly. Watch his full speech in this video.

In no uncertain terms, he tells the Iranians how far they can go before Israel WILL stop them and prevent them from acquiring the dreaded nuclear bomb.

He also laid out a clear danger of radicalized Islam and the regime of Iran to the world, raising Bernard Lewis’ comment that mutually assured destruction is not a deterrent for Iran, but an inducement.

Netanyahu asked for a redline before Iran completes Stage 2 of the uranium enrichment process and made the case to the world on a chart with a drawing of a bomb on it that we are all in danger if Iran succeeds.

Hopefully a President Mitt Romney will win the election and fully back Iran and WILL STOP Iran from gaining nuclear weapons. Remember the smiling Nazi Hitler during the Olympics? We cannot underestimate Iran, a country that hangs, flogs and brutalizes those that disagree with their Islamic creed.

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