23 WiiU Launch Day Games Release List Announced. Videogames Hitting November 18 2012 Alongside the System

01 Oct

WiiU Launch Games Release List Box Art

A number of the WiiU launch games that will be available on November 18th 2012.

23 WiiU Launch Games have been announced for November 18 2012, alongside the release schedule for the rest of November. As well as a list of games stretching through March 2013.

These are the games you can buy on the WiiU Launch Day:

1. Assassin’s Creed III
2. Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition
3. Call of Duty: Black Ops II
4. Darksiders II
5. Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
6. ESPN Sports Connection
7. FIFA Soccer 13
8. Game Party Champions
9. Just Dance 4
10. New Super Mario Bros. U
11. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge
12. Nintendo Land
13. Rabbids Land
14. Scribblenauts Unlimited
15. SiNG Party
16. Skylanders Giants
17. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
18. Tekken Tag Tournament 2
19. Transformers Prime
20. Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper
21. Wipeout 3
22. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013
23. ZombiU

It’s quite a bit disappointing that Pikmin 3 is missing launch day. Even so, we still have quite a great lineup. There’s a Ninja Gaiden game, ZombieU, a Tekken game, an Assassin’s Creed game, a Batman game, a Call of Duty game, a Darksiders game, a Just Dance game, alongside sure-fire hits like Scribblenauts Unlimited, Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land.

Do you think this list of WiiU launch games is better than the Wii launch games?

That list included a Zelda game (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess), a Metroid game (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, although it hit later in the month), alongside: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Call of Duty 3, Excite Truck, Happy Feet, Madden NFL 07, Monster 4×4: World Circuit, Need For Speed Carbon, Rampage: Total Destruction, Red Steel, Spongebob Squarepants Creature From the Krusty Krab, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, Trauma Center: Second Opinion and Wii Sports.

Additionally, these WiiU games will be released in November 2012:

24. Chasing Aurora
25. Cloudberry Kingdom
26. Little Inferno
27. Madden NFL 13
28. Mighty Switch Force HD
29. Nano Assault Neo
31. Toki Tori 2
32. Trine 2: Director’s Cut

Last but not least, these are the games that will be hitting the WiiU before March 2013.

33. 007 Legends
34. Aliens: Colonial Marines
35. Ben 10 Omniverse
36. Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013
37. Family Party: 30 Great Games: Obstacle Arcade
38. Funky Barn
39. Game & Wario
40. Jeopardy
41. LEGO City Undercover
42. Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth
43. Mass Effect 3
44. NBA 2K13
45. Pikmin 3
46. Rapala Pro Bass Fishing
47. Rayman Legends
48. Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game
49. Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (January)
50. Wheel of Fortune
51. Wii Fit U
52. The Wonderful 101


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