Prayer Requests: My Friend Tried To Commit Suicide

09 Oct

Suicide Salvation Artwork by KeegsmeisterHello all,

A prayer request from me. One of my friends tried to commit suicide just the other day, which is why I haven’t updated. We were at the hospital all night and throughout most of the next day. I was up for over 24 hours so I came home and slept all the way until 4pm today.

Thankfully, my friend Andrew is alright and will not be permanently damaged we believe. But there are a lot of questions. He covers and hides things well, and he has been all sarcastic all the time sense going in. While that is normal Andrew, we think it is excessive and indicates a much deeper problem, that he uses sarcasm to cover.

It’s very sad too because none of us expected this at all. Everything had been going so well for Andrew, I thought he was doing better than ever before. He is attending Bible College, in a band with my bros., and has been leading a Bible Study small-group for over a year now. So this was very sudden, very heart-breaking, and came out of no where. I never would have expected Andrew to do this.

Please pray for him and keep him in your prayers. He is about to be held for a few days at a facility where they will evaluate him. He has actually tried to commit suicide four times within the past five days, with it escalating each time. So they’re very worried about that pattern of behavior.

A lot of things, a “perfect” storm kind of came together to bring this about we think. But I won’t get into the details. Please just lift him up. Thank you.

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