Obama Romney 2nd Presidential Debate Live Full Video. Town Hall At Hofstra University, Candy Crowley As Moderator (October 16 2012 At Hempstead, New York In Front of Undecided Voter Audience)

17 Oct

2nd Debate Handshake Obama Romney

Don’t worry. The friendly handshake doesn’t last long…

Full video Romney Obama 2nd Presidential Debate Townhall-style. Live video (October 16 2012) moderated by Candy Crowley of CNN at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York was done in front of a crowd of undecided voters who had not made up their minds between Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, and they are the ones who provided the questions.

The debate was a feisty, testy, all-out brawl between these two Presidential titans, which seemed like they would come-to-blows at times. The consensus is that President Obama won the debate by not by a large margin. I like-in it to Obama getting his mojo back, but not blunting Romney’s momentum.

Mitt Romney definitely held his own and ended up being right on the Libya equation which was wrongly corrected by Candy towards the end of the debate, CNN later backtracked saying Romney was correct and Candy and Obama were wrong, which was obvious from those who knew the history and watched Obama’s UN Speech in which a youtube video was blamed for the violence that lead to the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Overall, the debate was outstanding, and I really loved the townhall style. I feel that this was one of the most non-partisan debates (except for Candy’s moderation) in terms of questions that I have ever seen. And it was really interesting to see Obama and Romney really got at it in a aggressive way on the same stage as right in front of one another. Definitely a debate for the ages.

However I think people will more remember Obama’s epic loss, than his comeback with this second debate, as Obama failed to deliver a knockout punch and failed to give enough reasons why he should be awarded a second term and where he’ll take the country in the future. Romney however came off as too unsettling and not friendly or likeable enough, even while putting Obama’s policies on the cutting board and laying out his clear vision for where he plans to lead the country.

I think Romney will be better served to dial the attacks on Obama back a bit, and lessen the bickering. He also needs to avoid asking Obama questions in the next round. Romney was also interrupted many more times than Obama (28(!!!) times compared to 9 times!) in this debate, and Obama got 4 minutes and 18 seconds more speaking time (amounting to 11%) than Romney! Now you can understand why Romney fought so hard to interrupt, eh.

In the end though, as always, you can be the judge. Don’t forget to register to vote if you still can, and be sure TO VOTE on November 8th!

The next and final Presidential Debate will be held on October 22 2012 and will focus on foreign policy.


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