You Got A SNES Controller In My Wii U Pro!

17 Oct

SNES Wii U Pro Third Party Controller

Who got that SNES in my Wii U?!

Who got that Super Nintendo Controller in my Wii U Pro Controller?

A variety of very neat looking Wii U Pro Controllers from a third-party developer have been revealed. Not sure who is making these, as I couldn’t find a manufacturer listed. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

What we do know, is that this is crazy-awesome but also really weird looking controller that will retail for $35 instead of $50, making it a lot cheaper than the first-party Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller.

Wii U Super Nintendo Controllers Rainbow Colors And Styles

….. Lots of different colors and styles of this SNES retro Wii U Pro controller will be available at $35 each.

The big difference, is that these controllers are made to look like a Super Nintendo pad has been jammed inside. I think the look is very retro cool, but some people find it off-putting. It’s actually not that much different from the real-deal, as you can see below.

Black Wii U Pro Controller

This is the very slick black Wii U Pro Controller.

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