Final Presidential Debate Romney Obama Live Full Video. 3rd Presidential Debate At Lynn University Moderated By Bob Schieffer of CBS. October 22 2012 in Boca Raton, Florida

23 Oct

Final Presidential Debate Romney Obama Handshake

The handshake of handshakes at the final Presidential Debate of 2012. The tension palpable.

Final Presidential Debate Romney Obama full video below. Horses and bayonets flew in the final and third Presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the Democrat Incumbent President and the Republican nominee challenger.

Moderated by Bob Schieffer of CBS News and taking place in the highly contested “must-win” Swing State of Florida, in the city of Boca Raton at Lynn University, the two candidates met for what is the final debate between the two. One seeking re-election as a popular “Hope and Change” Democratic President, the first African American to hold the highest office in the land, and a trailblazer of liberal policies who set the wheels of Universal Healthcare (Obamacare or the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [PPACA]) in motion; the other a former Massuchussettes Governor, businessman, venture capitalist, lifelong Mormon and former President and CEO of the Salt Lake, Utah Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics of 2002 held in the U.S.

Both men have a world of experience left in their wake from their lives with which to judge them on, and judge we will as the U.S. Presidential Election of 2012 is only TWO WEEKS away! The vote will take place on November 6 2012! I can’t believe it’s almost here.

3rd Presidential Debate Obama Watches As Romney Explains

Romney explains as Obama looks on during the final Presidential Debate.

This debate was a much less fiery one as the two candidates, Romney in particular, took their foot off the gas a bit when it came to tearing into the other candidate, although Romney charged “Mr. President, attacking me is not an agenda,”; While Obama retorted with the breakthrough quote of the night with “We also have fewer horses and bayonets,” the laugh line of the debate that turned into an immediate Internet sensation and popular meme in young, youth-oriented online circles, throughout social media like Facebook and Twitter and via message boards and forums. But with both candidates sitting, there was less circling like a vulture ready to dive on the corpse of the opponent, and both candidates performed very strong and very forcefully. Most of the post-debate polls show President Obama winning slightly, although debate watchers also considered Romney to have a strong performance. Neither candidate made any gaffs, and many contended that the President was “snarky” or even un-Presidential in the way he derided or talked-down to Romney, like in the aforementioned bayonet comment in which he sarcastically “explained” to the former Mass. Governor that, these days, we have these things called Aircraft Carriers that planes land on and 1917 this is not. To much crowd laughter. Was it an out of line statement though?

Final Presidential Debate Oral Jousting Obama Romney

The oral jousting continues as each candidate faces off in the final Presidential Debate of 2012.

As always, it will be up to the voters to decide. Although this debate was very popular and created millions of Tweets on Twitter and lots of buzz, it was overall the least watched of the three debates, garnering a TV viewing audience of 59.2 million across 11 networks. Of course, untold millions also watched online…

Enjoy the debate. :)

Obama Romney Final Goodbye Presidential Debate. Oh and Bob Schieffer at Lynn University

Obama and Romney say their last goodbye. Oh. And Bob Schieffer.


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