You Know You’re A Gamer When You Spell Bayonets As Bayonettes And Think Leather And Sex Instead of Soldiers And War. #bayonetta-ftw

23 Oct

Bayonetta Sexy Girl Artwork

Bayonetta is one sexy chicka. As this awesome artwork shows.

You know you’re a gamer when you spell “bayonets” as “bayonettes” and think leather and sex instead of soldiers and war. #bayonetta-ftw

True story.

When I first heard the word “bayonet” my first thought was, indeed, “Bayonetta”. Capcom’s hyper sexualized, loco action game with the leather-clad eye-candy machine known as “Bayonetta”. Any gamer who has played the game or seen it, knows what I’m talking about.

Who still uses the word “bayonet” anyway? :P

Bayonetta Cute Wallpaper

I much prefer her cute incarnation as in this Bayonetta wallpaper.


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