President Obama Votes Early. 1st Sitting President To Do So. Video of Obama at Chicago Polling Place Casting His Vote

25 Oct

President Obama Votes Early. 1st Sitting President To Cast Early Vote Ballot

President Obama has voted early! Did you?

President Obama submitted his early voting ballot, becoming the 1st sitting President ever to vote early.

Have you voted early yet?

Here is a photograph of President Obama, at a polling place in Chicago, holding up his early voting ballot receipt, as proof of him voting early.

If you haven’t seen the video of this event, definitely check it out. It’s quite humorous as the lady at the table asks President Obama for his ID. :P He is a good sport and gives it to her, she then takes a bit as she looks it over! Causing more joking from the President. “Now ignore the fact that there is no gray hair in that picture,” he says.

Can you imagine the honor though? That lady will remember this moment the rest of her life, as it is a very select few who ever get to see a President’s driver’s license. Not only did she get to see it, she got to hold President Obama’s Driver’s License in her own hands! I wonder if she is the only one who has ever done so, given that President’s, for obvious reasons, NEVER have to actually show identification!

Enjoy the video! :) And remember to vote! The election is only two weeks away!


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