Final Fantasy VII 2012 PC New Version For Sale (Halloween Square Enix Store Fall Sale) – $8! 30-50% Off Entire Catalog Until October 28 2012 (Sunday)

27 Oct

Square Enix Halloween 2012 Fall Sale on Digital Store for 3 Days Ending October 28th (Sunday)

Act fast and you can pick up some great deals at the official Square Enix store!

The official Square Enix Online store has FFVII 2012 PC on sale for only $7! This is down from a normal price point of $12!

The new PC version of Final Fantasy VII which was just released over the summer, includes a number of cool new features. A PC digital download, it includes the ability to save your game in the cloud (Cloud Saves, and no that has nothing to do with Cloud Strife, the main character :P), high-definition graphics that have been optimized for the PC, ensuring it is the most beautiful version of the game ever released, the ability to share your new FFVII Achievements with social network friends, an all-new “Character Booster” feature that allows you to increase your HP, MP and Gil levels to maximum at any point, ensuring that new players never get stuck (it’s entirely optional of course), and best-of-all, FFVII 2012 PC includes 36 Brand-New Achievements to unlock and earn!

FFVII 2012 PC Square Enix Halloween Sale Banner Artwork

Act fast to get the new 2012 PC FFVII version for only $7 bucks!

I’m a big Achievements whore, so that fact alone will make me purchase this!

Many other games are also on sale for between 30-50% off! Including Hitman: Absolution, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, Final Fantasy XI – Complete Collection ($11), Sleeping Dogs and many more!

ACT FAST however, the sale ends today (Sunday the 28th)!


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