Andy Rooney On The Middle East. Utah and Utaq, Mesopotamia and Persia, Iraq Half the Size of Texas, Iran Double the Size of Iraq and Magic Carpets ala Aladdin

28 Oct

Iran and Iraq Size Difference On Map

…… Iraq is MUCH smaller than Iran, as you can see on this map. The huge country adjacent to Iraq is Saudi Arabia.

Utah and Utaq? The late, great Andy Rooney seeks to inform us comedicly regarding “The Middle East”. While this segment isn’t full of stuff you never knew, you will likely learn something new either way. Or at least, something you never thought about This article marks my long-awaited return to my “Andy Rooney On” weekly article series. I’m glad to start doing these again, as I love the insight from someone of his age and experience… someone who lived and grew up in such a different, old-school era than myself (born in the mid 1980s).

Even though I couldn’t disagree more with ol’ Andy regarding Christianity/religion/faith and politics. He being a hardcore, dedicated liberal, me being a Christian Conservative and diehard Republican.

Did you know that Iraq is where the Magic Carpet, ala Aladdin, originated? Did you know the “Middle East” isn’t really in the “middle” of anything? Did you know that Iraq is half the size of the state of Texas in the USA? Did you know that Iran is double the size of Iraq? Thus bigger than Texas… and Saudi Arabia is double the size of Iran!

Iraq Fits Inside Texas. Puzzle Pieces Showing Size On Andy Rooney 60 Minutes Segment

…. Look at that! Iraq fits snugly inside of Texas! I bet you didn’t know it was that small compared to the continental US.

Andy Rooney demonstrates this in fine style by using puzzle pieces cut out in the shape of each country, and showing how Iraq can fit snuggly within Texas. Genius!

Utah Utaq Andy Rooney. Ingenious

Utah and Utaq! Hahahaha. Ingenious.

Did you know Iraq and Iran only have one letter different among their names? I bet you never realized that. It can make things confusing. It would be like having the state of Utah and then the state of “Utaq” here in the U.S. Hahaha. Utah and Utaq, ingenious. In the old days the two countries were completely differentiated from one another because Iran was called “Persia” and Iraq was known as “Mesopotamia”. Which clears things up quite a bit and makes you realize that they are completely different countries.

Given all the talk of Libya regarding the Obama Administration and our U.S. investment, blood and sweat still going into the Middle East from Iran to Iraq to Afghanistan to Pakistan to Libya to Syria to Lebanon to Israel to Palestine and the West Bank…. I thought this Andy Rooney video from the President George W. Bush era was still timely and relevant. How ironic. That.

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2 responses to “Andy Rooney On The Middle East. Utah and Utaq, Mesopotamia and Persia, Iraq Half the Size of Texas, Iran Double the Size of Iraq and Magic Carpets ala Aladdin

  1. JES

    November 23, 2012 at 9:03 pm

    okay… you have to be dumb to not notice that iran and iraq is almost the same name… i mean logic…and we all know iran was persia at some point! i mean u learn this in the 6th grade! Everything shown here and stated, “i bet you didnt know” we knew! haha!

    • astro64th

      November 25, 2012 at 7:48 pm

      Actually statistics show a very high amount of Americans can’t even point the USA out on a map…. So to think most people know Iraq used to be Persia, I can almost guarantee you you’d be wrong, especially if you asked the average person on the streets.


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