Rockets Into Roses. Israeli Art Created Using Hamas Terrorist-Fired Missile Pieces

01 Nov

Rockets Into Roses Israeli Art From Terrorist Rockets

Islamic militants create chaos and death. From the ashes rise beautiful Israeli art.

An Israeli artist named Yaron Bob creates Roses out of Rockets used for terror. From hate to love. These rockets fired by Palestinian terrorists into Israeli territory with the intention of killing innocents, are plucked out of the wreckage and used to create amazing pieces of sculpture art and donated to help build bomb shelters for Israeli’s.

From metallic roses to Candlesticks and Menorah’s, you can own an incredible piece of art built from the weapons of terror and used in a constructive manner to create peace and love from death and destruction. It’s an ingenious idea, and one that only a true artist could of come up with.

Please support the cause as money is donated to charity to help build bomb shelters across Israel to protect innocent Israeli men, woman, children and other civilians from these random terrorist rockets, while you get to own an incredible piece of art and history.

Rockets Into Roses Wallpaper. Israeli Art From Palestinian Rockets

Beautiful Israeli art made from actual pieces of Hamas rockets fired into Israel.

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Posted by on November 1, 2012 in God, News, Photo Of the Day


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