President Obama Wins Re-Election. Farewell Mitt Romney

07 Nov

Obama 2012 Timeline Cover Facebook Hope and Change

Hope and Change? Forward? Obama wins 2012 Re-Election

President Obama has won re-election (farewell, Mitt Romney!) by a small but decisive margin in the Electoral College and a very small margin in the popular vote. A mandate this is not. Over half the country still disagrees with the President and his policies, but he has been given a second chance.

Obama hugs Michelle 2012 Reelection Photo

A beautiful photo of the President hugging the first lady as he learned of his re-election.

The real question is whether or not the President will truly start to compromise and reach across the aisle to the Republicans, who maintained control of “The People’s Voice”, the House of Representatives. John Boehner remains Speaker of the House, Nancy Polosi’s career is thus over, and despite all the complaining of gridlock and paralysis of government from the people of the nation; They have elected to send the EXACT same group of key players to Washington D.C. once again.

John Boehner Obama Harry Reid All Re-Elected. Time For Round Two. Yay?

Time for round two….

Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader of the Democrat-controlled Senate, which maintained control as the Republicans failed to win the four seats they needed to take the majority, President Barack Hussein Obama who will now maintain power over the Executive Branch for another four years, and Speaker of the House John Boehner, who now has the toughest job in Washington with the only Conservative-majority branch of government… He will have to face another four years being between a rock and a hard place as he attempts to hold onto his Conservative values and those of his Tea Party and Republican partisan elected members of government, while also working with President Obama and Reid to actually govern.

Change and Hope Obama Facebook Timeline Cover

Change and Hope. Hope and Change.

This situation does NOT bode well for the country. These are the same players who failed to compromise enough to get anything done over the past two years… however now things are even more dire as the fiscal cliff looms. Will President Obama due what Romney vowed, meet with the other side weekly or at least monthly until they come to agreement and not stop until our nations economic dire straights are resolved? Or will he continue to push a liberal agenda… one in which the majority of Americans still disagree (the majority of Americans, unfortunately over 200 million Americans do not vote) despite his solid win.

Obama United We Progess Toward A More Perfect Union Facebook Timeline Cover

United we progress towards a more perfect union. But are we united? Nope.

Will America go bankrupt and head down the path of Rome and Greece? Or will Obama lead and become more than a mystical, transient figure, but one who stepped up to the plate and worked hard on fixing America. Can America absorb Obamacare, and will the House defund it, which is within their power? Will their be riots-in-the-streets from liberals if Obamacare does get defunded by the House? Many questions remain…. But Democrats definitely have the upper-hand… even though they only control two of the three Legislative and Executive branches of government.

What I am most fearful about is a more liberal Supreme Court. President Obama will likely be able to replace a couple Supreme Court justices. Although they will be liberal ones, most likely, replaced with more liberals, meaning the balance of Supreme Court power is unlikely to shift. God help us.

Farewell Romney Facebook Timeline Cover Election 2012 Concession Speech

…. Obama pledged to work with Mitt Romney in his ’12 victory speech… what will his future role be? Well he become leader of the party moving forward?

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