Firenado Fire Tornado Video Is Fascinating and Awesome. More Fire Dust Devil Than Whirlwind

12 Nov

Firenado Photo of Fire Tornado In Australian Desert

A fire tornado in literal form… Firenado!

A Fire Tornado! Firenado as they call it! Although it is more of a Dust Devil than a Whirlwind or stormy electric tornado, it is still an absolutely fascinating thing to watch. The video shows how wind whips up a giant fire, with smoke billowing into the air to fill the sky, and we get to witness the whirlwind of smoke that’s created in the Australian desert/Outback, that leads to a literal pillar of fire… or a Fire Tornado, as actual fire gets sucked up into the sky and the smoke whirls around… leading to a literal Firenado being created before our very eyes!

Absolutely mind-blowing to witness, and a once-in-a-lifetime event of this rare force of nature… all caught on video! It was recorded by Chris Tangey, an Australian filmmaker who was checking the area out for an upcoming movie shoot. That’s when he witnessed, and recorded, this amazing footage! Another interesting twist is that Al Gore has attempted on multiple occasions to buy the footage from Chris Tangey, to use in his propaganda regarding Global Warming (i.e. Al Gore’s next climate-change film). Chris however has submitted Al Gore a challenge, only if Al can convince Chris that this event was caused by Global Warming or that Global Warming is entirely fact-based and this Firenado event is related to it, will he sell him the footage. So far they have been unable to convince Chris, and Chris has yet to sell his footage to ol’ Al.

To quote Chris Tangey:
“I am still happy to sell it to Mr Gore if he can convince me that this event was caused by, or was in any way attributable to, man-made climate change,” he said.
“Unfortunately both times he has asked I have put that challenge back to his organisations, but then didn’t even receive a response. The storm is a highly localized event and when it comes to the footage I want to ensure that usage of this material is scientifically valid and in context in regards to human-caused climate change.”

Here is the same video shown through an ABC News broadcast.


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