Adam Sessler’s Something Episode 1. New Digital Show. Discusses Dishonored, XCOM, and Choice in Games

14 Nov

Dishonored Wallpaper

Absolutely awesome artwork for an awesome game (Dishonored).

Adam Sessler returns with a Soapbox Style gaming discussion show called “Sessler’s Something” (on youtube and Revision3 Games). Adam is is the beloved personality that gamers know and love and remember as host of X-Play alongside Morgan Webb.

I’ve always dug this guy and thought he was awesome, and he has lost nothing of what made him such a popular personality. In the first episode of Sessler’s Something, he discusses X-Com, Dishonored and Choice in Videogames, while also talking a bit about his stint of unemployment and what it’s like to play a game for the first time in forever, without having it tied to a work-related respsonsibility. Just playing for FUN! Who could’ve thunk!

I’m in that same box as well… I rarely play a game just for “fun” :P

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Posted by on November 14, 2012 in News, Video of the Day, Videogame News, Videos


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