Ryan Rubio 2016? Will Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio Be the Key Republican On the Ticket in 2016? What If Paul Ryan Ran With Marco Rubio?

20 Nov

Paul Ryan 2016

A Paul Ryan 2016 logo tshirt.

Ryan Rubio 2016? Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio ticket? Will Paul Ryan run again in 2016 as the frontrunner Republican to proceed the Obama Administration’s 8-years in office? What if he joined up with Marco Rubio?

I think an extremely young, dynamic ticket like Ryan Rubio or Rubio Ryan would be an amazing team and could be the “Comeback Team” that Republicans were wishing we’d have with Romney Ryan.

Sadly for Romney, he was not conservative enough to bring out enough Republicans needed to win the White House, or even to get enough votes as the moderate John McCain and Sarah Palin in 2008.

Here is Paul Ryan in his first post-2012 election interview.

Rick Santorum was right in his analysis during the 2012 Republican Nomination debates, in which he stated, “Everytime we elect a moderate Republican we lose.”

I believe Rick Santorum, who I voted for above Mitt Romney and would’ve much rather seen as our nominee, was exactly correct.

A young, dynamic, respected and minority team like Ryan Rubio or Rubio Ryan, would excite the Republican and Conservative base like NO OTHER. Marco Rubio of course would be the first ever Hispanic President, he speaks Spanish himself and is Cuban decent.

Paul Ryan 2016 Listening To iPod

Paul Ryan 2016?! I certainly hope so myself!

I believe Paul Ryan still has a bright future in American politics, and now he has the name recognition of a Barack Obama, having faced Obama toe-to-toe. Furthermore, he easily won his Wisconsin Congressional race, which means he will be back as a leading Republican, financial expert and most likely will return as the chairman of the House Budget Committee in 2013. He will be serving his 8th Congressional term, which he has held for 14 years in Wisconsin since 1998.

Of course, some analysts say they opposite, and believe that Paul Ryan is DONE and has no political future following his defeat in 2012 against Obama Biden. I could not disagree more.

Marco Rubio 2016 We the People Banner Artwork

Marco Rubio 2016?! I certainly hope so! I’d love to see Paul Ryan and Rubio team up!

Even so, Republicans need to start gearing up for the race NOW, and there are many indications that they are already doing so and that Marco Rubio is the the presumed frontrunner. It is hoped that his Hispanic background would be able to draw out Hispanics in big numbers for the Republican ticket, which was THE main driving force that lost the election for Mitt Romney.

I look forward to seeing much more of Paul Ryan, and I believe many people actually preferred him over Romney. Time will tell however. 2016 is very far away, and ANYTHING could happen between now and then.

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