WiiU Now Out In America. USA Launch Sells Out. European Release Date Is November 30 2012

20 Nov

WiiU Launch

The WiiU is out now! Are you buying one?

WiiU is out now in North America. The USA launch has been huge and the system seems to be a huge sales success, selling out entirely at many retailers and WiiU systems going for sale online at auction sites like eBay and Amazon for $500 for the 8GB model, which is $120 dollars more than the normal price!

Here is the awesome WiiU Launch Commercial.

Nintendo is estimating that the WiiU will sell over 3.5 million worldwide by the end of 2012.

Here is a video of the real-life Mii’s that were walking the streets of New York during the USA launch of the WiiU!

It seems that there is a lot of excitement in the air for the system and, given that this is the first console release since 2006 (6 years!), it will almost assuredly become the must-have item of the year.

The Wii U will be released in the UK on November 20th 2012. It will retail at a cost of £299 for the 32GB unit, with launch titles including New Super Mario Bros. U, ZombiU, Assassin’s Creed III, FIFA 13 and Darksiders II. It has 32 GB of flash memory but thankfully the system supports external hard drives up to 2TB!

Mario M Cosplayers Wii U Launch Greece Flashmob At Mall

Absolutely awesome. Wish I could witness something like this!

Sadly, the launch of the WiiU has been mired in many technical issues. Reports of people having problems with faulty HDMI output and huge issues getting the Wi-Fi configuration on the WiiU to work and sync up with their routers, alongside a firmware update of over an hour just to be able to play the systems.

Here is a video showing the epic 4-hour wait line to buy a WiiU!

These issues and more have plagued the otherwise successful launch of the WiiU.

Hopefully Nintendo will learn and things will go a bit smoother for launch in other territories.

Check out this awesome video of a Mario flashmob at a mall in Athens, Greece, just in time for the WiiU launch!

Did you buy a WiiU at launch?

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