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23 Nov

This Week On

Many incredible classic and new PC and Mac games are available DRM free each week on!

Good Old Games ( has started doing “This Week On GOG” weekly videos for weekly game releases. They’re pretty interesting and offer a look at all the awesome gaming goodness that exists on the retail website full of DRM-free (Digital Rights Management) games.

This will help you keep track of past awesome releases you may have missed, so check back for new and old episodes!

Table of Contents

This Week on GOG – Episode 1 (Oct 19 2012)

This episode shows off Puddle, Giana Sisters and some promotions in what is the first installment of the weekly series.

* Pay What You Want for Interplay Games
* Puddle
* Giana Sisters
* Deponia Complete Pack

This Week on GOG – Episode 2 (Oct 26 2012)

This week on, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Incredipede, Hotline Miami and horror adventure “Lucious”.

* Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
* Incredipede
* Giana Sisters
* Hotline Miami
* Lucius

This Week on GOG – Episode 3 (Nov 2 2012)

Lots of new games this week along with a bonafide classic in John Romero’s Rambo-esque side-scrolling action game “Dangerous Dave”. We also get Defender’s Quest, Pid, Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader HD.

* Massive EA Selection Promo
* Defender’s Quest
* Pid
* Dangerous Dave
* Stronghold HD
* Stronghold Crusader HD

This Week on GOG – Episode 4 (Nov 9 2012)

This week sees the release of a classic fighter on PC at long-last, Street Fighter Alpha 2, alongside Space Colony HD, and Deponia.

* Telltale Promo
* Interplay Promo
* Space Colony HD
* Street Fighter Alpha 2
* Deponia Bundle

This Week on GOG – Episode 5 (Nov 16 2012)

This week sees the release of Shadow Warrior Complete, a classic polygonal 3D shooter called Terminal Velocity, Tim Schafer’s awesome RPG Costume Week, and Warlords Battlecry 2.

* USSR Invasion Promo
* Shadow Warrior Complete
* Terminal Velocity
* Costume Quest
* Warlords Battlecry 2


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