Movie Review: Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s Alien Prequel. Trailer Video and Screenshots

25 Nov

Prometheus Wallpaper Elizabeth Shaw and Crew. Giant Head Screenshot From Movie

The design elements seen throughout Prometheus’ alien world are fascinating.

This movie review of Prometheus takes a look at Ridley Scott’s very interesting prequel to the Alien quadrilogy (1979s Alien, 1986s Aliens, 1992s Alien 3 and 1997s Alien Resurrection).

I did not know anything about Prometheus going in, other than the fact that the film is a prequel. I found it quite fascinating. The film is a bonafide thriller all the way through, a horror film whose aesthetics are similar to that of the original Alien. It’s a really smart film, first and foremost, and the characters are a lot more likeable than they were in the original Alien and Aliens IMHO, generally avoiding the whole military, tough-guy stereotypes that I so hate.

Prometheus Ship In Space Movie Screenshot

This movie deals a lot more directly with outer space than previous films.

This movie really nails the feel that one would expect from an Alien film helmed by Scott, while taking the story in interesting directions that raise questions and make one ponder about the purpose of life, the power of faith, the reason for existence and the origin of intelligence.

The fact that the main character (Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw) has faith that the others don’t, and that her strength and resolve, as well as will to live, is powered by her faith (a key symbol in the film is a cross necklace she carries with her) is powerful and an interesting plot device given the general Darwinian “truths” that pervade the film, it’s characters and most of its message. As such the main character stands in stark contrast and that dichotomy certainly works to the film’s benefit; even though a belieF in Jesus Christ or the Christian God is not outright stated. It is however implied, given that the Cross is her refuge. As a Christian myself, this was a breath of fresh air and very interesting all told, given the story new weight that it wouldn’t carry otherwise.

Promotheus also fills in gaps from previous movies and really takes the backstory further, all-out showing the true origin of the Alien species as well as other species of lifeforms that were only hinted at in previous films. I’m not an expert on the Alien mythology so I’m not at liberty to go into details on said backstory, even so I found the films plot and mythos satisfying.

Prometheus Beautiful Girl Charlize Theron As Meredith Vickers Screenshot

The absolutely gorgeous Charlize Theron as Meredith Vickers.

It was extremely fascinating to see the new story threads and the way the film explained the age-old-question of where we come from and what our purpose is, as well, while also showing the race of beings that were only hinted at in the original Alien… even the throne! And that’s all I’ll say to avoid spoilers.

This viewpoint of a true alien world and alien race is awesome, and really well done, even if that race is not nearly as badass, unique or terrifying as the actual aliens themselves. While that proves to be a slight disappointment, the film overall is great and I highly enjoyed it.

Sigourney Weaver-like Shaw. Prometheus Cute Girl Screenshot

Shaw who is like the new Sigourney Weaver is a hottie! And fills Ripley’s shoes nicely.

There are several standout scenes as well, and lots of inter-character drama that really attaches one to the main characters and you really fall in love with them because of it. This is something that the original Alien quadrilogy failed at in my humble opinion, and thus this film is a nice change of pace and improvement from what is to be expected.

I highly recommend Prometheus, even if you don’t know the backstory of the Alien films or haven’t seen them, I still recommend this film as a great horror flick. It is less bloody and violent overall than previous films in the franchise, although it does feature one quick scene of some people vomiting (thankfully it doesn’t really show it, and it’s brief) and a few scenes that are violent, but they are short and it is not overly grotesque.

The film overall is more focused on a tense atmosphere, and is slower-paced with terrific special effects and some neat gadgets. Nothing is quite as brutal as Bishop getting torn in half in Aliens, although there is a medical scene that comes close and may cause some to squirm, but overall I was actually surprised that the film was not more violent than it is. It certainly is no where near the violence and gore seen in a lot of modern horror films, much to my relief.

Prometheus Alien Death Screenshot

Be prepared to be scared. Enter the world of Prometheus.

The film also deals with space in a more direct manner than previous Alien films, and one scene in particularly is extraordinary and really cool. The special effects in the movie are great throughout, and the acting is extremely impressive. Especially for a sci-fi film. The new heroine does an amazing job at filling Sigourney Weaver’s shoes, I must say, and she even looks like Weaver! :O

Prometheus is also the type of film that you’ll want to watch more than once. As I stated previous, it’s very smart and gives the viewer more than they can take in with a single viewing.

Overall, Prometheus is a great film. Watch it!

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5 responses to “Movie Review: Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s Alien Prequel. Trailer Video and Screenshots

  1. Bryce

    November 26, 2012 at 11:09 pm

    I can suspend my disbelief better than most but it’s when movies have a runaway, cascading disaster scenario that was avoidable and no one stops for a moment to think, “Whoa! We need to start thinking this through!” But apparently the director told us that none of the people on that flight were qualified / ever played chess in their life.

    • astro64th

      November 27, 2012 at 8:10 pm

      Well I’m glad I enjoyed the movie. I win.

  2. Bryce

    November 26, 2012 at 1:32 am

    This movie was awful! Let’s start at the beginning.
    Archaeologists find some glyphs and they think it points to a “home” planet. So they just pack up and leave?! No probes? No. Wrong. At no stage ever in the human race would that happen.
    Putting that aside, they pack up with a rag-tag group of contractors… WHAT?! No way. I don’t care if it’s privately funded and contractors are cheaper. That’s a stupid move. You put EXPERTS in the seats. Air Force pilots. NASA engineers. And then, most importantly: YOU DON’T SEND ARCHAEOLOGISTS!
    So, before we’ve even landed on the planet we are way beyond the realm of logic.
    Moving on, lets say the company makes this monumentally dumb choices, the scientists land. I’d like to stress: THE SCIENTISTS land. SCIENTISTS. And instead of running even a single test, the scientist protagonist jumps off the ship and drags the crew in to the caves. No. They would run tests. They would run so many tests that Google would be impressed with the amount of storage space needed. I mean, for God’s sake, they’re on another planet, light-years from Earth. You don’t act in haste in that situation because if you mess up, you’re so boned. They would check weather patterns, atmosphere, soil samples and all that so that they don’t have the little surpises like the glass-storm.
    Again, that aside, they go in and then the robot is like “The air is breathable.” So all the carbon lifeforms are like “Oh. Okay. Here in the hole it’s good even though the ENTIRE PLANET isn’t and diffusion seems to not work here.” And they take off their helmets… Sure… because with the lack of tests in any way, they are able to know if there are any poisons in the air… or… ya’know.. any bacteria or any viruses. You know… the things that can kill.
    Also, they all keep talking about their oxygen tanks but earlier they said, because they somehow know without tests, that there is oxygen and nitrogen but too much carbon dioxide. They wouldn’t need tanks, they would just need carbon scrubbers and they could walk around for weeks without having to worry.
    Whatever. Just details, right?
    Then, there’s the guy that is afraid of damn near everything and they leave him behind and he’s super scared and pissed off and is not okay with being alone for the night in a strange place and– wait, look at that cute alien snake! Lemme pets it on its head–OH MY GOD IT’S KILLING ME!! And no one in the craft knows this is happening because of a sharps tornado. Then the storm subsides and they still don’t know what is happening with him even though all the suits can be tracked and even have cameras in them that stream back the ship but all of that fail up until he zombie walks up to someone at the dock. They kill him with fire… fire… they are on a spaceship where fire is the last thing you want and they are just fully loaded with flame-throwers. Right. Makes perfect sense. Because, I remember the shopping list for a trek in space: -Oxygen -Food -Tools for repair -Water -And Flame-throwers.
    Again.. all aside… All of THAT aside.
    Robot get jelly and poisons dude-guy who then impregnates skinny-ugly girl and she gets an abortion and is roughly stapled back together and is still somehow able to move. No… not just move… RUN, CLIMB and JUMP.

    Right. All of that would happen. Of course. That’s what normally happens when man finds another lifeform let alone it’s parent form!

    I will end on: Run Parallel to the Falling Ship.

    • astro64th

      November 26, 2012 at 10:08 pm

      Such a critic. To each their own. I’m easy to please and rarely dissatisfied with movies. I don’t dissect them like you just did, I just take it as its given by the director. Logic is the furthest thing from my mind. It’s his movie, he can make it how he wants. Awesome movie.


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