Perfect Dark Xbox 360 Podcast Series Coming Soon

06 Dec

Hello all. I’ve been spending the day playing Perfect Dark for Xbox 360. I am working on recording a new Podcast series covering Perfect Dark, just like I did for Resident Evil (which I still intend to finish btw… might do that today as well).

I’m having a ton of fun with Perfect Dark. This game is SOOO ahead of it’s time, it’s crazy to think that it was an N64 title… it easily holds it’s own against the first person shooters of today in terms of depth, skill and innovation. Everything about it is dripping with quality. It’s an amazing game.

And a really, really tough one as well! It’s crazy how difficult this game is. I’m currently playing through it on Medium Difficulty (Secret Agent), having already beat it on Agent. I plan on beating it on Hard as well, not sure when I’ll do that however… Just thinking about the hell that awaits me trying to beat it on Hard has me quivering in my knickers! :P

I’ll try to get at least one of the Podcasts up today. We’ll see. If not it’ll go up tomorrow. I may review the game soon as well. I definitely will review it at some point….

I’m really happy that I’ve completed 10 out of 20 Achievements already, that’s Half! Woot woot!

So far I got these Achievements:

* “How’s That For Starters” – Complete DataDyne Central – Defection (Star Icon)
* “A Friend Indeed” – Complete any mission in Co-Operative Mode. (Two People Silouttes with their arms around their shoulders)
* “Both Barrels” – Kill an enemy when dual-wielding (Two Guns)
* “Who Needs Enemies” – Complete any mission in Counter-Operative Mode.
* “Agent” – Complete the Solo Missions on Agent Difficulty. (A piece of cheese! LOL)
* “Datadyne Specialist” – Kill at least one enemy with each of the DataDyne weapons (the DataDyne logo)
* “Act Your Age, Joanna” – Destroy Carrington’s wine collection. (A broken wine bottle, this was a fun Achievement to get! At the villa level shoot all of the wine bottles!)
* “Double 64” – Kill 128 enemies using Secondary Fire Mode. (64/49 logo)
* “Camera Shy” – Destroy 5 security cameras. (Broken Security Camera)
* “Deadly Laptop” – Kill 50 enemies using the Laptop Gun in Sentry Mode. (Laptop Gun art)

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