Lifeblog: Blu-Ray Burner, 3 TB (Terabyte) Hard Drive, HD 1080p Webcam and High-Definition Recording

09 Dec

Blu-ray Everything

Blu-ray, Blu-ray, Blu-ray everywhere!

With Christmas coming up, I’ll be getting a few additional pieces of hardware that should allow me new abilities for expanding my website. My birthday was in November, so I already got myself a brand-new 1080p HD webcam! I am hopeful that I will be able to use this to record VIDEO footage for my “WatchMePlayGames” video series…

Something I’ve always wanted to do, but my capabilities at doing so have been low and sparse. I did to a WatchMePlay Super Meat Boy series, but I never completed it and that was recording a PC game, not a console game.

However my main dilemma comes from two areas:

My computers are all VERY low on hard drive space. My solution is to either buy a Terabyte drive, preferably a 3TB Drive (which would be amazing), OR buy a Blu-Ray Burner. I am leaning more towards the latter source for now, as that would allow me to create hardcopy backups of all my important and not-so-important files, pictures and videos, that are clogging up my hard drive. It would kill two birds with one stone because I have always worried about hard drive failure, which could result in losing the decade-worth of pictures and videos that we’ve amassed. Which would be a really sad state of affairs.

So the sooner I can get a Blu-ray Burner and start making backups on blank Blu-Ray discs, the better. And that would allow me to free up a tremendous amount of space. Having said that, it’d also cost me a bit, cause I’d have to buy lots of blank discs, and it would take a lot longer than simply buying a new hard drive which would immediately free up tons of space.

Of course, new hard drives are more costly, it seems, than Blu-ray Burners. And like I said, it’s long overdue that I start making backups of everything. So I am leaning more towards the latter.

Currently I have 6GB free on my 1TB internal hdd. I’m about to attempt recording a video file for my Perfect Dark Xbox 360 Podcast series, which is already completed even though I’ve yet to upload the first installment. Sadly, I may also need to update my computer, as last time I recorded a video test-run, the video started slowing down. :(

So I may still be a ways off in getting to the point where I can really start doing lots of video. But we shall see….

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