Neglecting Resident Evil 0

12 Dec

Resident Evil 0 LogoI really need to get back to WatchMePlayGames Resident Evil Zero Podcasting. I haven’t played the game in a couple of weeks now. It’s never my intention to abondon a game, but it does happen.

Given that this is a very interesting series and special feature that I’m doing however, I WON’T let that happen. So expect to see the next (and final, I believe) installment coming soon.

I also haven’t played Final Fantasy VIII in a number of weeks now (which reminds me, I need to update my Diary of Final Fantasy VIII feature as well) and I’m going to force myself to play both of these in the next few days.

I definitely don’t want to abandon FFVIII nor Resident Evil 0.

Virtually all of my gaming time has been spent with Perfect Dark lately, I’m planning on doing a Podcast series of that very soon. I’ve already recorded a ton of episodes, including the entire Single Player Campaign on Agent (Easy Difficulty) and even a few videos using my new webcam. Sadly the videos are pretty grainy and it’s hard to see, but I’ll still post them anyway as soon as I get our internet turned back on at my apartment (been using a free unsecured wifi signal in our complex for months now, but sometimes it gives me problems. Another reason I haven’t been updating as much).

I also haven’t been updating as much lately because I’m kind of in a lull, and just get tired of the Internet easy this days. I am planning to write out a new schedule and do my best to stick to it like it’s a job in the coming months ahead for the new year. Hoping to try and really budget and manage my time in order to pump out 8 hours of productive work on this site and other projects.

Hope everyone is well! :)

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