Final Fantasy IV DS Remake Announced For Apple (iOS) iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad Devices At $16. Out Now

23 Dec

Final Fantasy IV IOS Screenshot Features Selectable Levels of Difficulty (iPod, iPad, iPhone)

The fantastic DS Final Fantasy IV remake comes to Apple devices!

Final Fantasy IV DS is now available (released December 20th 2012) for Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) as simply, “Final Fantasy IV” for $16. The game is an updated port of the Nintendo DS polygonal 3D remake of the original Final Fantasy IV (first released in the U.S. for SNES as “Final Fantasy II”). A game that got fantastic reviews and re-imagined the original title with all-new graphics, an all-new English translation (much improved), all-new CG cutscenes, and new additions to gameplay and plot including an all-new “Augment System” (allows the transfer of abilities, even to characters that weren’t able to learn them in the original game).

It also featured all-new Mini-Games, Command Menu Customization, Bestiary, Music and Video Player to re-watch the CG cutscenes or listen to the game’s music, a New Game Plus Mode (replay the quest once you beat it with all of your levels intact) and much more.

The IOS version doesn’t seem to feature new enhancements over the original DS version however. Here is the official features list.

* Witness the dramatic and thrilling story of this mythical game world brought to life through astounding 3D graphics, gorgeous CG cutscenes and top-notch voice acting.

* Create a versatile party using the all-new Augment System – a dynamic system that allows the player to assign special abilities to characters.

* Dive into the first RPG to incorporate the innovative Active Time Battle system, now further enhanced and refined for iOS devices.

* Listen to a beautifully remixed score by world-renowned composer Nobuo Uematsu that breathes new life into some of the most beloved FINAL FANTASY themes.

I am very happy to see Square Enix continue to re-release all of their excellent titles for mobile platforms. The more options gamers have to purchase a product they love, the better!


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