What Type of Gamer Are You? (Completionist? Exterminator? Speed Runner? Extrovert?)

28 Dec

Completionist Gaming Jesus Fish

Jesus was the greatest completionist of all time!

What type of gamer are you? Are you a Completionist? Speed Runner? Extrovert? Exterminator?

Everyone knows that there are lots of different types of gamers out there. In fact, just because two people play videogames, doesn’t mean they actually have anything in common, because there is such a wide variety of gaming tastes. Just like in the film-world, that would be like saying one movie buff who loves only Sci-Fi films has anything in common with the RomCom (Romantic Comedy) fan. Put the two together and they likely won’t have anything interesting to say to one another.

It is the same with videogames. One person may be a huge sports gamer, who only plays sports games, the other may be a huge FPS fan, who only plays first-person shooters, and a third may be a big RPG buff who mostly plays long-winded Role-Playing Games.

So which type of gamer are you? That’s what GameSpot asks in this interesting video that breaks down the different types of gamers into categories.

I am definitely the completionist myself!


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