Gold Ring Badge Earned. Today Is My 1-Year Backloggery Anniversary! Started Profile On December 30 2011. Today Is 12-30-2012

30 Dec

Backloggery Anniversary Gold Ring Badge 1 Year

I got the 1-Year Anniversary Backloggery Gold Ring Badge!

The Gold Ring Badge ( Today last year, December 30th 2011, I started my Astrotriforce Backloggery Profile, and today is my 1-year anniversary!

To celebrate, I got the rare “Gold Ring” badge Achievement, which only appears on your profile on the day of your anniversary! WOOT WOOT!

If you have not heard of, sign up NOW! The site is an amazing one that allows you to easily keep track of the games you are currently playing and update them with where you are at in the game, your current “backlog”, and your status on each game in order to help you actually COMPLETE the games you own.

You can input all of the games you own per system, or just the ones you are playing, mark them as “Now Playing” so they appear at the top of your profile, then you can update them with comments as you make your way through the game; and even mark how much of the game you’ve completed (using percentage) that all your friends can see. Along with the status of the games you are playing (Beat, Mastered, Unplayed, Borrowed), new games you’ve added, etc. What you do on your backloggery is shared with people on your friends lists (or your “Memory Card”) who can leave comments or send you Private Messages to make the whole thing more interesting. It’s such a great idea, and well worth looking into!

Backloggery Gold Ring Achievement For Backloggery Anniversary of 1-Year 12-30-12

You can mark games as: Now Playing, Unplayed, UnFinished (means you are playing it currently but yet to beat it), Beat, Completed and Mastered. That last one is special, it’s for those who come up with a unique way to play the game to challenge themselves, that is outside the normal boundaries of the game. For example, I Mastered Resident Evil Remake and Super Mario Land by beating Resident Evil Remake (GameCube) without saving once or using a First-Aid Spray!

For the normal course through the game you are supposed to use First-Aid Sprays to heal all your damage, and you are supposed to use Ink Ribbons to Save Your Game at Typewriters, only a crazy person would try to beat it without saving. Well that was me, and despite believing I would never actually pull it off, I managed to beat the entire game (using Jill on Normal) without saving once on my first try! That’s the definition of mastering or a Master Run (according to Backloggery lingo).

The other game I Mastered was Super Mario Land, I beat the entire game without dying or getting hit, keeping the Fire Flower (in that game called the Super Ball) throughout!

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