Steam Christmas Tree Badge Holiday 2012 Sale Achievement GET!

30 Dec

Steam Christmas Tree 2012 Holiday Badge Objectives All Six Completed

Wooo-hooo! Christmas Tree Badge GET!

The Steam Christmas Sale 2012 (Holiday Season) is ongoing now, and runs from December 20th 2012 to January 5th 2013.

As per usual, tons and tons of great, amazing games have been on sale for extremely cheap prices. Given that I am an Achievements-whore wherever Achievements of any kind (or Badges, in this case) are available… I couldn’t resist and didn’t stop until I earned the Christmas Tree badge for this year’s holiday sale. I will willingly jump through hoops and do whatever I can to earn Achievements, you see.

The Steam Christmas 2012 Sale was no different! Today I Achieved all six objectives and earned my Christmas Tree Badge! WOOT WOOT! See my Astrotriforce Steam Profile to look at all the game’s I own and see my Steam Badges/Achievements I’ve earned.

The six objectives you had to fulfill to earn the Christmas Tree Badge included:

* Be the Decider – Participate in at least 5 Community Choice votes.
* The Will of the Electorate – Participate in at least 15 Community Choice votes.
* Shopping Trip – Log in to Steam using the Mobile client.
* It Pays for Itself – Purchase any discounted game, bundle or DLC.
* The Holiday Spirit – Buy a gift on Steam.
* Checking It Twice – Add 10 items to your Steam Wishlist.

Here are pictures as I fulfilled the objectives.

Steam Holiday 2012 Badge Incomplete - 2 Objectives Fulfilled Be the Decider Check It Twice

Two of the objectives fulfilled but the badge incomplete.

Steam Holiday 2012 Badge Shopping Trip Complete

Shopping Trip objective complete for signing in to Steam App on mobile device.

Steam Winter 2012 Badge Shopping Trip Objective Complete Badge Earned for 4 of 6 Tasks Done

….. Shopping Trip Objective complete for buying a game or DLC during the Christmas 2012 sale (I bought Oblivion)

Steam Holiday Tree Badge Will of the Electorate Objective Complete for 15 Community Choice Votes

…. Will of the Electorate Objective complete for voting in 15 Community Choice polls (for what game goes on sale next). The hardest objective to fulfill.

* See the pic above at the top of the article for the completed Steam Christmas Tree Badge with the final objective, “The Holiday Spirit”, for buying a game and sending it to one of your Steam friends as a gift, completed. I gifted Closure to my brother in order to complete the final objective, completing all six, and earning me the Badge in complete form! Sadly the Christmas Tree doesn’t light up with Christmas Lights when all six objectives are achieved, a criminal oversight! FOR SHAME!

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