Videogame Kickstarter Projects Most Successful Of All Project Types. Earning Over $83 Million In 2012

09 Jan

Best of Kickstarter 2012 Games Most Funded

Videogames owned the Kickstarter space in 2012!

$83 million worth of Videogame Kickstarter Projects were earned in 2012, announced the Kickstarter Crowd-funding platform. This earns videogames the unique title of being the highest-funded project type on the crowd-funding website.

An absolutely astounding “2,796” videogame projects were asking for the money of fans in 2012 alone on Kickstarter. Of all those many, many (TOO MANY, really…) games asking for your money, exactly 911 (that’s nine-hundred-and-eleven) Videogame Kickstarter Projects were succesffully funded, by over 561,574 Backers!

2012 was truly the “Year of the Indie Game” on Kickstarter, absolutely pulverizing other Kickstarter categories, and proving that videogames are not only mainstream, they are among the most popular of ALL mediums, whether you’re talking about arts and crafts, books, food, travel, films, music, museums, parks or whatever, videogames are beloved the world over.

Overall, some 2.2 million contributors pledged $320 million on over 18,000 different projects in 2012 on Kickstarter. A whopping SEVENTEEN projects earned over $1 million dollars. Yikes.

So what Kickstarter Project gained the most money in the videogame realm? It was Tim Schafer and Double Fine’s upcoming adventure game, which generated $3.3 million dollars (pinky to mouth) in Kickstarter donations… the goal for the project was a measly $400,000! (which has become common legend, by now). And there were tons more success stories where that came from.

Kickstarter launched in 2009, and has grown beyond what anyone could have anticipated, successfully funding all manner of Indie projects from both teams, companies and individuals and forever changing the course of the videogame industry. Because of Kickstarter and what it has bred (similar “crowd-funding” websites and services), it is now easier than ever to create a videogame and find funding for it; beyond traditional means. And that’s worth celebrating.

Check out Kickstarter’s The Best of 2012 for some more truly mindblowing stats.


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