President Obama Afghanistan Transition Press Conference With Hamid Karzai January 11 2013

13 Jan

President Obama Shakes Hands With Afghan President Karzai January 2013

Discussing the transition to full Afghan sovereignty.

President Obama met with Afghan leader President Hamid Karzai to discuss the transition from American-led and coalition military forces to that of the Afghan Military and Government, Police, etc. taking full responsibility for their own country of Afghanistan. A transition that will take place, as President Obama has promised, at the end of 2014, or the start of 2015. At which point America will shift to an advisory, assist and training role in the country.

It has been a long road full of hardship, death, triumph, success, failure, peace and war, and now the end of America’s 2nd longest war (11.3 years so far, the longest is the Vietnam War at 19.4 years) and our main mission objectives, have been completed and it is time to exit. I don’t think anyone truly wants to stay in the war much longer, but we have made many strides in the country at deep sacrifice for both, while also improving many aspects for both, and eliminating many threats. It will be good to finally have the war over. I supported the war then, support it now, and do not regret the war. As the Middle East has seen with all of the recent developments and turmoil throughout, it seems impossible for the Middle East to govern itself without asssistance from other countries. We have assisted, and hopefully the Afghans will be able to do the rest and oust it of extremist elements. Time will tell.

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